lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Oscar's night

Yesterday the 87th Oscars gala was held in the Kodak theatre in L.A and I could watch them live for the first time (from my coach, of course.... I don't have neither the money or the contact to watch them from the theatre yet). I watched the whole event and here are my thoughts.

The Red Carper was great with loads of interviews and a lot of beautiful dressed. The first actress that I saw was Felicity Jones and unlike other events in which she chooses dresses that are too much for her tiny body, in this one, he was perfect. I absolutely loved her dress. Then I saw Patricia Arquette, winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar (well deserved, by the way), she was also great, but I think the cape of her dress was too much. Oh, my lovely Lupita!! What can I say about her? I felt in love with her in last year gala and in this one she didn't disappoint me. After her came Eddie (Team Eddie!!!!). So f****** elegant with that blue tux and he is natural and charming, plus he has this lovely brit accent... TEAM EDDIE all the way!!!! And, of course, there is always someone doing an Angelina and this year was Rosamund Pike (sorry but I didn't not like her dress). She is the girl for Gone Girl, nominated for Best Supporting Actress (yeah, she was amazing in this role, but Patricia deserved it much more). The dress of Julian Moore was also ok, but maybe a little bit boring? I think some details were missing and I could say the same about Nicole Kidman.  Reese for me was one of the best dressed: very simple but very elegant at the same time. Cumberbatch would make the perfect Bond with that tux (he should try to be one, he would much better that the current one). He was so elegant and he is such a gentleman, but sorry Cumby I am Team Eddie. Jenni Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are two of the actresses that never let me down, they always dress very elegantly. Jennifer Lopez's dress was too much. Kiera's one, was better that the one she had at the Golden Globes, but still, the worst dressed along with Lady Gaga (of course). Leto was amazing also.

I have to say that I watched the Red Carper both from my TV and for the app of ABC and I like more the ABC's one, they managed to interview most of the nominated plus they had Matt McGorry with the fans and I love him! Handsome, sweet, funny, nice... what else do you want in a guy?

The gala.... well, it started very good, with a great musical performance by Neil Patrick Harris but then you could see that he wasn't very comfortable in that role, He did a nice gag mixing Birdman and Whiplash but nothing more. Some very basic and easy jokes. Sorry, but I think the Oscars are too much for him. He is a talented actor, but last galas were way more entertaining the had more epic moments, like last year's selfie. Maybe this is the reason that they turn out to be very long.There were very nice and funny speeches. J.Simmons won the Best Supporting actor (well deserved) and as he suggested, I will call later on to my Parents. I also like Patricia's feminist speech. This speech was so damn right, that even Maryl stood up. One moment that I like was the Travolta/Edina part in relation to "do a Travolta". It turned out very funny and lovely at the same time.  As every year, all galas have their emotional parts. This year's were three: the In Memory moment (like always...) and the performance of the song Glory for Selma and Lady Gaga's mix  of Sound of Music. It was also nice to see Julie Andrews right after that performance. My dear, lovely Eddie won the Best Actor (as it was clear). I was so happy!!!!! He totally deserved it! Her speech, especially the beginning was very Eddie. I love that boy. He deserved all the prices and all that he is living. For the winners, the most surprising one was the Best Picture, as I though Boyhood was going to win it. But, to be honest, the Academy did right giving the statue to Birdman, as it is such a brilliant movie not like Boyhood that the rhythm is very, very boring and it gets long.  To sum up, the gala was ok but worst that past years. Sorry Neil!

To finish with... my bets: I got right 14 out of 24, but one of them (best Original Screenplay) I knew I wouldn't get it right, as I gave my vote to Nightcrawler, but I couldn't help it, I am over obsessed with that movie. Birdman was a great winner in that category, though.

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