lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Starred up

So yeah... yesterday I was thinking about everything and nothing at all, wondering about life, future... and my hobbies. I don't have many of them, but I do have some, like editing videos, writing, reading and watching movies, as well as (of course) translating.

Since high-school, I always wanted  to become a journalist... but I ended up studying Translation and Interpretation. Well, is never too late to achieve my dream... so here I am, writing my first movie review. I hope you like it.


A movie that follows the day after day of a violent inmate. Once in jail, he discovers his match, another inmate that will take care of him. In the end, we realize the reason of this. Not only he is blessed with this, but also, the major of the prison wants him to be less violent, so she send him to therapy. This could be the argument of the movie, written in few lines and words.

I must say that I enjoyed it and that I would recommend it, but advising that it has some violence ( although I expected more) and that is quite a independent movie. I would also say that it is a cult movie. Therefore, not a movie for everyone. This movie reminded me of the TV show "OZ", so if you like this, I guess you could give a try to "Starred Up", I guess you will enjoy it. Be warned that the English in this movie is quite difficult to understand, so if English is not your native language or if you have less than Advance or C1, watch with subtitles on.

The main character is played by Jack O'Connell AKA as James Cook from Skins. He is also starred in the new Angelina Jolie's movie (Unbroken). I cannot tell if he really is a good actor without watching Unbroken, as I have only seen him playing violent characters. For me, a good actor is one that can play any kind of characters (i,e.Eddie Redmayne or Hugh Jackman). The character in this movie is so similar to the one he plays in Skins that could be considered as a follow-up: James Cook some years after the ending of Skins.

For those who don't know who James Cook is, I will tell you: he is a very violent guy, who doesn't give a damn about anything, except for his friends. He is a guy who could easily end up in jail due to some violent action.

I really like the fight in the shower room scene, as you can see literally everything to Jack. He is totally nude. Why do I enjoy it? Is it obvious? It's been long since the last time I saw a male body naked and I don't know when I am going to do again, so it was nice to see Jack's full body.

Summing up, independent prison life movie, mostly recommended to OZ fans or to anyone that want to give this movie a try.

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