martes, 27 de enero de 2015


What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said already...I know: that as weird as it may sound I kinda like the main character. I don't know, but I like his ambition, I like how he finds his way by chance...and yeah, I like his creepiness....I think there is something magical about him...

Ok, after declaring my unconditional love to Lou Bloom, I think for the ones that haven't seen yet the film, I should describe him. So, he is in his 30, totally lost in life, no job, life in an almost empty apartment by himself. He stares a lot and he gains money by stealing and selling it. He is persistent and he wants a career where he can grown into, He finds this by a chance, when he sees an accident and some people recording it. At that moment, he realizes that he can make money of it, by recording the accident and selling to TV. He is capable of literally everything.

Believe it or not, this is a success story: we see how Lou begins by having almost nothing: an old card, very basic camera and GPS and a second-hand police scanner and how he ends, having a good camera, laptop and a Porche.

The main character is played by Jake Gyllenhaal and he is amazing in here. Lately I am watching a lot of his films, but his acting is not as incredible as it is in this one. In Donnie Darko you see a young man with talent, he could really break into Hollywood. In Brokeback Mountain, you see him breaking but in this one, he breaks. He is brutal.

Although I like the whole movie, there are some scene that I cannot stop to think about them: like the one with the mirror, when he moves a body for better angle, when he breaks into a house... and some more that I not going to tell you, because that would mean ruining the movie for the ones that haven't seen it yet.

So yeah, I really recommend watching this movie as it is not going to let you down, believe, I have already watched it twice and I wouldn't mind to do it again and again. Also, it will leave you wondering what you have saw.

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