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And the Oscar goes to...

I've been a cinema lover all my life. I grew up loving movies, cinema was and is my place to be. From a very young age, I started knowing all the actors and, believe it or not, that is how I choose which movie to watch. I've been all my life analyzing the actors and their filmography. It's true that sometimes I get surprises. Before going into much deeper about this way of choosing a film, I would like to point out that Leonardo DiCaprio is a exception to this rule, as he is my number one actor, so I will watch all his movies. So yeah, there are actors that I trust, actors that if they appear on certain movie, there is a chance that I might like it, for example, Ewan Mcgregor, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller or even Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. Now I am discovering new ones like Benedict Cumberbatch or Eddie Redmayne and I am  getting very obsessed  with Jake Gyllenhall. He doesn't  have only a pretty face, but he  is also and amazing actor. He has movies for everyone, from action movies, cops movies, war movies, comedies to WTF ones (like Donnie Darko or Enemy) and in all of them he gives everything he has. When you watch him acting, you really believe the character. He becomes the character. If one of them is extremely thin, has tattoos or has a certain tic, it is because of his way of seeing him.  So yeah, to everyone reading this, give him a try, go to his filmography, choose a film and enjoy. Sadly, I do not know him in person, but by watching tons of his interviews I imagine him being really funny, honest, I guest trustworthy and very, very, very talkative. In few words, a nice guy. Ok, and  now with the ones that I don't like them: Matthew Mcgona...(sorry his surname is impossible to write), Matt Damon, Silvestre Stallone and the recently added, Ben Affleck.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, but why is she speaking about her way of choosing a film? Well, because I didn't know who to begin. But yeah, let's speak about the Oscars. I love them until the point that one of my dreams is to stay awake to see them live, one day I'll make it. But lately I am getting very disappointed with them. Leo deserves winning one, C'mon, he was amazing in What's eating Gilbert Grape and in Django he even cut himself and continued acting.But yeah, let's give an Oscar to the guy from The Pianist. Ok, yeah, the Oscar goes to the one who acts best in one specific movie and not in all one them. I think they should change this and look to the whole filmography instead. I am also amazed by the fact that Anne Hataway won one for a song. Yeah, ok, he did an amazing performance of that song... but, again, Leo... Leo cut himself!!!!! These prices are not fair. Other example, has someone watched Nightcrawler? It doesn't matter. Jake is amazing in this movie, he really is the character, but still, not even nominated. I would really like to see Jake O'Connel nominated for his role as Louis Zamperini in Unbroken, but, well, he is a newcomer.

About the movies. I will talk only about the ones that I have already watched.The Theory of Everything: amazing. I really like it and I must say that Eddie did a really good Stephen. Even the scientific said that there were times where he thought Eddie was him., So yeah, all the nominations that this movie has are deserved. Boyhood: ok, I liked the idea, to record a movie while the actors in there are growing up at the same time as in the movie. It took 12 years to get the movie finished. But I did not imagine this movie being nominated for Best Picture. Sorry, but it is really slow... is that slow, that I could not finish it. The Grand Budapest Hotel: another original movie with a good scrip, but again, is not the best movie of this year. The Imitation Game: well deserve nomination. So yeah, I haven't watched the rest, but I could bet that the winner in this category will be either The Imitation or The Theory...

In the Leading Actor Category, the favorite is Eddie, as he is the Golden Globe winner. But yeah, this may be also the reason for him not winning. The second in the bets is Benedict. But let's not forget about Bradley. These prices like to surprise us, so maybe for this reason he can go home with an statue. I don't see either Steve or Michael as a winner. They are the less favorite.

The best actress I guess it is between Reese and Rosamund. Felicity does great also, but in comparison to these other two, his acting is very plain, even easy. We've got Meryl nominated for the best supporting actress and c'mon, she is one of the best, so yeah...sorry for the rest of the nominated. But still, she has way to many statues at home, so... maybe for this they've got a chance. .

My sorries: sorry, but I cannot speaking about the supporting actor category, as I have not watched those movies. I could speak taking into account the way those actors acted, but... not worthy. Sorry, also that Unbroken is not in the best picture, actor (both of them) and writing category. This movie really touched me. It deserved more recognition. Forget about the director's name and go and watch it.

Well, I could speak and write for hours about this topic. But let's finish here and maybe I'll continue other day, ok?

Thanks for reading until the end!

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